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Not all jobs have to be dry and boring. Creative jobs are available in a variety of art forms, including art, literature and music. Turn your artistic side into more than a hobby with one of these popular career options.

Visual Arts Jobs

Craft and fine artists create art from a wide variety of materials to exhibit and sell. This group includes sculptors, painters and illustrators, among others. They improve their craft through practice and repetition over years. Most fine artists earn a bachelor's or master's degree to better their skills and job prospects. There are 53,400 craft and fine artists in the United States, and the average wage is $23.64 per hour.

Graphic designers design visual concepts by hand or using computer software. They create the layout and production design for advertisements, magazines and brochures. Generally, a bachelor's degree is needed for entry-level positions. The national average wage for a graphic designer is $23.41 hourly.

Literary Jobs

Writers and authors create written content for books, magazines, advertisements, movie and television scripts, blogs and social media. Typically, a bachelor's degree is required for a full-time writer. The hourly average wage in the United States is $29.72, and writers and authors are expected to show positive growth. Competition for full-time positions is expected to bedue to the attractiveness of this career.

Editors review and revise content to be published. While most editors still work in an office setting, many can work from home online now. The average salary for an editor in the United States is $28.25 per hour.

Creative Jobs in Music

Musicians and singers perform in a wide variety of settings, including arenas, concert halls, and clubs. There are no formal educational requirements necessary to get a job, but a long-term commitment is needed to perfect a musician's technique. There are 172,400 singers and musicians in the country, and the average hourly pay is $26.96.

Music directors, or conductors, lead musical groups during recording sessions and performances. Composers write original music in an array of styles. These two careers combined produce an average hourly wage of $24.32.

Creative jobs are available in every state and while the world needs to be entertained, artists, musicians and writers will always be in demand.

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